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Brantley Smith and David Saraiva aren't just 
 co-owners of Mighty Dog Roofing of West Tampa; they and their families are proud to be long-standing residents of the Tampa community.

Together, Brantley and David don't just offer roofing services; they make a promise of quality, commitment, and trust, rooted in years of shared history and genuine care for their neighbors. Their combined expertise and dedication make Mighty Dog Roofing a name synonymous with reliability and excellence in the heart of Tampa.

When a homeowner chooses an Owens Corning Platinum roofing contractor, they're opting for a top-tier service with the assurance of quality, expertise, and longevity for their roofing project. 

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Locally-Owned. Nationally-Backed.

There are advantages to being locally-owned and nationally-backed. 90% of all roofing companies go out of business within 5 years. You want your roofing company to be there when it matters. 

Mighty Dog Roofing is the nation's fastest growing roofing brand with nearly 100 locations across the country.

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What Makes Mighty Dog Different

We prioritize your home's cleanliness and safety. That's why we choose Redbox.com Elite Dumpsters for waste management. Their robust design ensures a tidy worksite, and with their portable toilets, we maintain utmost sanitation, safeguarding your home environment. Trust in our commitment to deliver not just a top-quality roof, but also a respectful and hygienic project experience for you.

We deeply value the safety and comfort of your family, including your beloved pets. That’s why we utilize the House Cape during our projects. 

This protective shield ensures that your home remains free from roofing debris and stray nails, offering peace of mind especially when children and dogs play around. Trust in our dedication to not only deliver a top-notch roofing job but also to provide a secure environment throughout the process. 

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